ICBA Benefits Program for Avon Representatives

We Have the Benefits to Protect

You, Your Family and Your Business

Affordable Solutions for Independent Contractors

How Does It Work?

We understand it’s challenging to find the resources you need to succeed as an Independent Contractor. That’s why we created the Independent Contractors Benefits Association (ICBA), a non-profit association of Independent Contractors.

Avon Representatives everywhere use our affordable services and benefit programs to grow their business and protect their family with ease!

As a member, you get access to benefit programs, insurance, and discounts that enable you to better operate as an independent contractor. Tailor your coverage to fit your family’s individual needs.

Browse our programs below and ask us if you have questions or need any explanation of your benefits.

Health Coverage Options

Affordable Solutions. Find The Plan That Meets Your Needs.

No matter where you are in life, no matter what your budget, we have a full range of coverages to fit the needs of you and your family:

  • Accident Plans

  • Short Term & Limited Medical Plans

  • Major Medical Plans

  • Dental & Vision Plans

Auto and Home Insurance Options

More Choice. More Savings.

Shopping for auto, home and renters insurance can be fast, easy and affordable.

Quickly get your choice of the lowest quotes from highly rated carriers, all in one place, in just minutes.

ICBA Family Protection Plan

Comprehensive Protection When Life Throws You A Curve.

Sometimes life throws you a curve. It usually is unexpected and it happens to everyone. Maybe it happens more often to some but eventually it will happen to you too.

Why not be prepared for when misfortune strikes? Not IF, but when. The ICBA Family Protection Plan provides networks of professionals to assist you with these areas of expertise:

  • Legal Services

  • Tax Preparation and Advice

  • Financial Education and Credit Counseling

  • Life Events Counseling

  • Identity Theft Prevention, Restoration and Insurance

This low cost benefit provides tremendous protection with the expertise to get you through your next family or business crisis.

Wellcard Savings Health Discount Program

Free Program To Lower The Cost of Your Health Care.

Health care is expensive!! Here is a free benefit that will give your family immediate discounts on a wide range of health care services:

  • Doctor Visits

  • Prescription Drugs

  • Dental & Vision Care

  • Imaging, Lab Tests and Much, Much More

ICBA Member Services

Discounted Programs Designed for Independent Contractors

Selectively compiled discount program, tailored to the unique needs of Independent Contractors. All ICBA members can take advantage of these offers at no additional cost:

  • Discounted Office Supplies

  • Student Loan Assistance

  • Deep Discounts on Hotel Rooms

  • Entertainment Tickets

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